Trang chủ News In the news 2018 Peter Ryder shares insight into co-working space on VTV1

Peter Ryder shares insight into co-working space on VTV1

07/02/2018 | 1048 views

Peter Ryder, Founder and CEO of Indochina Capital was recently invited for an interview with VTV1 on the emerging trends of co-working space in Vietnam. The interview was broadcasted on VTV1’s Finance and Business News program on 6 February 2018 “Ban tin Tai chinh – Kinh doanh trua 6/2/2018“. 


Photo taken at Toong Co-working Space, 25T2 Hoang Dao Thuy, Hanoi. Click on the above image to watch the full interview.


“The growth of co-working space was driven by the start-up boom a couple of years ago, but the model is now emerging as a viable option for corporate occupiers thanks to its flexibility, creativity and a wide range of amenities for tenants. It also offers a far more cost-effective solution for tenants compared to traditional leased office space. Co-working space is also integrated in our visionary Wink Hotels to bring more benefits to modern young travelers”, said Peter Ryder. “Given the increasing demand for co-working space, in 5 years’ time the market share of co-working space versus traditional leased office space is expected to be 30% and 70%, as compared to the current ratio of 2% and 98% respectively”.


Click here to watch the full interview online.