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Indochina Capital breaks new ground

03/06/2016 | 1153 views

Looking back over the last 20 plus years, Peter points to the positive impact that the evolving US-VN relationship has contributed to the investment environment, noting that without the building of mutual trust between the two nations, Indochina Capital would never have been able to accomplish what it has to date.


Having established itself as the leading luxury leisure and residential developer in Vietnam, Indochina Capital is now breaking new ground in the real estate arena with the creation of two new property development platforms, ICC-Kajima Development Company and IndochinaVanguard Hotels.


Indochina Capital is entering into a joint venture with Kajima Corporation, a leading Japanese contractor and real estate developer to develop and asset manage properties in Vietnam. ICC-Kajima will initially focus on accommodation projects—residential and hospitality—in Hanoi and HCM City.


In addition, Indochina Capital has created a joint venture with Vanguard Hotels, a Southeast Asian focused no frills affordable luxury hotel developer and operator now rolling out properties in Malaysia and the Philippines, to launch a similar, Vietnam-branded product. Indochina Vanguard will initially focus on the major urban areas of Hanoi, HCM City and Danang and ultimately expand into a number of Vietnam’s secondary markets.