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Indochina Capital shares insight into condotel management on VTV1

14/03/2018 | 945 views

VTV1 featured Michael Piro, Chief Operating Officer of Indochina Capital, in its Finance and Business News broadcasted on 13 March (Ban tin Tai chinh Kinh doanh Sang) following an interview on the development and management of condotels in Vietnam conducted at Indochina Capital’s Hanoi office one day before.


” In Vietnam there is a tremendous opportunity for condotel product. Condotels typically find themselves in resort areas, where people go for holiday destinations. If you look at Vietnam, it has about a 3200+ km coast line, so naturally you’re going to find a lot of hotel and hospitality development associated with the beach, associated with the coastline so naturally, it makes Vietnam an attractive destination for a condotel product”, said Michael.


“As developers are offering condotel products to you, it’s really about trust in their ability to manage cash effectively, to make sure that the returns are actually there when it’s time for you to get paid”, commented Michael. “I love the condotel product, I think it’s great when managed responsibly and transparently. The market is going to go up and down. Some people are going to win, some will lose but overall, it’s going to be good for the country, good for the hospitality marketing and good for investments in Vietnam.”


The interview is also set to be shown at the Condotel Investment Conference on 16 March 2018 in FLC Quy Nhon.


To gain more insight into this hot topic, please view this 2-minute video clip here (from minute : second 10:15-13:10)