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Lifestyle hotel brand Wink launched

04/12/2017 | 1047 views

Indochina Capital and Vanguard Hotels have teamed up for a new lifestyle hotel brand in Vietnam, Wink Hotels, through the joint venture Indochina Vanguard Hotels. The first Wink will open in 2019 in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.


Wink is a highly-defined brand designed for Indochina, a region on the cusp of the next stage of its evolution and clamoring for a hospitality experience unlike any before. A brand that believes in the tenacity of the Indochine mentality, Wink is a celebration of what the region has overcome and, more importantly, what it will become. Embracing time-honored values, Wink strives to find harmony between modernity, innovation, efficiency, and the city vibe, ensuring guests leave with a vivid impression of the destination and brand.


Wink Hotels are designed for the aspirational modern traveler, one who is open, inquisitive, and acquisitive. These individuals associate themselves with brands that represent who they are and where they are going. These individuals are informed and empowered when it comes to travel. Regardless of why they travel, they will not settle for clichéd experiences.


Vanguard Hotels intends to become a leading owner and operator of affordable branded hotels in Southeast Asia. It will provide dynamic, aspirational branding options to customers, evolving to meet their needs as they grow and change over time.