Hoi An, Quang Nam

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262 m2

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389.9 m2

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USD 428,000

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부동산 정보

Shantira Beach Resort & Spa is a new 5-star beachfront project in the Central coast of Vietnam, offering villas and holiday apartments for sales. Strategically located 30 minutes from Danang international airport and 5 minutes from the ancient town of Hoi An, Shantira Beach Resort & Spa boasts a pristine 1.5 hectare private beach across a 8.6-hectare site. It is one of the few projects to have all 100% of its apartment facing the ocean, offering a mesmerizing view on An Bang beach, one of the most beautiful beaches of the world.
The property features 70 ocean villas with private pool, a hotel and two holiday apartment buildings. The hotel and villas are managed by distinguished Dusit Thani Group, the apartment buildings by Royal Hospitality Co.. Shantira Beach Resort & Spa offers first-class F&B and leisure services, including a beach club with infinity pool, a poolside bar, a tennis court, kid’s club, a commercial retail space, private shuttles to Hoi An… among others. Guests of the resort can also indulge Royal Thai cuisine and Dusit Thani’s bespoke spa treatments.
Sicart & Smith Architects, Landscuptor… are among the names to create the ambiance and elevate guest experience at Shantira Beach Resort & Spa. Spaces at Shantira focuses on subtlety in details and textures of materials to amplify harmony with nature and offer a liberating sense of relaxation.

부동산 위치

  • 호텔/리조트
  • 바다가 보이는 전망
  • 외부인 출입 제한 주택
  • 사생활권
  • 해변 휴양지 공동체
  • 해변가
  • 임해지
  • 개인 소유의 토지
  • 정원이 보이는 전망

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  • 인터넷
  • 에어콘
  • CCTV
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  • 도서관
  • 스파
  • 호텔 경영
  • 음식점
  • 케이블 티비
  • 경비
  • 놀이터
  • 테니스
  • 사우나/스팀 룸
  • 렌탈 프로그램
  • 세계적인 브랜드 오퍼레이터
  • 해변 클럽

근처 시설

  • 국제 학교
  • 음식점
  • 약국
  • 유네스코 문화 유산 보호지역
  • 쇼핑센터
  • 편의점
  • 골프
  • 카지노

야외 공간

  • 정원
  • 개인 수영장
  • 테라스/발코니
  • 공용 수영장
  • 공용 자쿠지

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  • 자동차 공간

매매 이유

  • 개인 용도
  • 별장
  • 자본 소득
  • 휴가용의 집

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