Advisory Track Record

Our Advisory Transactions

IFI’s accomplishments in providing advisory and market entry services to multinationals dates back to the 1990’s. Our recent success includes advising the sale of a minority interest in ABA Logistics company in early 2016, and in mid-2016 we advised the IFC and Armstrong Asset Management, a Singapore-based private equity clean energy specialist fund, on a landmark investment in Gia Lai Electricity Joint Stock Company (GEC), a leading renewable energy company in Vietnam.




Additionally, our track record includes the lead advisor role in Pilmico’s acquisition of Vinh Hoan feed, providing long-term government relations and market entry service to GTech and Coca-Cola, the financing and disposal of the Hasegawa Vietnam property portfolio, and advising SAB Miller on a joint venture with Vinamilk.


  • ABA Cooltrans: advised ABA in a private placement of shares to Mekong Capital in 2016. The transaction value was USD6 – 15 million in return for a non-controlling interest.


  • Pilmico Food: advised Pilmico Food in its acquisition of Vinh Hoan Feed JSC from Vinh Hoan Corporation in 2014. A 70% stake was acquired immediately while the remaining 30% would be transferred within 5 years, for a total value of USD28 million.



  • IFC and Armstrong Asset Management: advised IFC and Armstrong in their multimillion-USD strategic equity investment in Gia Lai Electricity JSC (GEC) in 2016. IFC and Armstrong would hold a 16% and 20% equity stake in GEC respectively.


  • SAB Miller: advised SABMiller in the negotiation and formation of a brewery joint venture with Vinamilk in 2006. The brewery, based in Binh Duong Province, was equally owned by the parties. It had a total investment of USD45 million and a planned capacity of up to one million hectoliters.


In 2016, we have successfully advised Armstrong Asset Management on its first and landmark investment in Gia Lai Electricity Joint Stock Company (GEC) and advised ABA Business Solutions Corporation (ABA), a Vietnam-based cold-chain trucking service company, on its first landmark equity offering with the deal closed at $112 million with Mekong Capital.