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Wink Hotels enters Hanoi with a Bang!

25/01/2021 | 1634 views

On January 14, 2021 our sleek, chic and vibrant brand of Vietnamese hotels invited some friends over to our Hanoi brand launch before we open the first Wink hotel — Wink Hotel Saigon Centre @75 Nguyen Binh Khiem, District 1.


Wink Hotels is Vietnam’s first homegrown, international-standard hotel group that directly appeals to a dynamic generation emerging throughout Indochina, catering to their fast-paced lifestyle and immersing them in each destination. Distinctively Vietnamese, Wink Hotels is differentiated by its contemporary ethos of chic and creative design, deep functionality and traditional Vietnamese values.



Each Wink Hotel is designed to act as your launchpad to the city, a cool lifestyle hub which plugs you into the latest happenings and hotspots: each Wink hotel brings Vietnamese street food culture to the comfort of a hotel environment with its signature Wink Carts for easy, quick breakfasts and lunches while the team of Wink Guides give you the best intel on the neighborhood and the city.  
Every space-efficient room has a power shower and comfortable beds that match the best in the world, including premium linens and mattresses by Catherine Denoual Maison.



The first Wink Hotel in Saigon features artwork collaborations with Vietnamese contemporary artist Nguyen The Son and cool vending machines from the USA. The hotel’s bright façade at night lights up the lively Nguyen Binh Khiem district where the hotel is located.



Being a Wink guest has its privileges. Simply flash the Wink room key or reservation confirmation to gain access to Toong’s co-working spaces during your stay, both at the hotel itself and elsewhere in the city.

In a disruptive move that will change the hospitality landscape, Wink Hotels will introduce a groundbreaking STAY24 program that guarantees a full 24-hour guest experience regardless of check-in time.



“Asia’s fast-growing economies are being powered by upwardly mobile millennial entrepreneurs, but nowhere more so than in Vietnam which has the most inclusive and dynamic, young-at-heart population in the region, if not in the world,“  said Wink Hotels Chief Executive Officer Michael Piro. “With Wink Hotels, we believe we have created a hotel brand which truly speaks to them and their needs, in a user-friendly style that will appeal to guests of all ages.”

The event was held at the Hanoi Old City Culture Exchange Center with performances by the talented ANNAM Duo and My Anh, tech-savvy augmented reality games and creative photo corners to spice up our Wink Hotels debut.