Trang chủ News In the news 2018 RICS IRED Conference featured Indochina Capital’s COO

RICS IRED Conference featured Indochina Capital’s COO

09/07/2018 | 1921 views

The RICS Infrastructure & Real Estate Development Conference took place on 27 June in Ho Chi Minh City. The conference focused on bringing the latest insights on infrastructure developments and real estate projects in Vietnam from the government representatives and Vietnam’s leading real estate brands. This whole day conference, given in both English and Vietnamese language, provided a holistic view of the real estate developments in Vietnam. 


Topics of discussion during IRED Conference 2018:
• Current and future infrastructure and real estate projects in Vietnam.

• Partnership between government and international organisation in financing the projects.
• China’s efforts to integrate into the infrastructure projects as part of Belt and Road Initiatives.
• Development of metro line railway and residential projects in Vietnam.
• Funding system and investment opportunities in projects.
• Contractual challenges and interface issues in the infrastructure and real estate projects.


COO of Indochina Capital, Michael Piro, was invited to speak in the panel discussion “Real Estate Development Opportunities in Vietnam” together with other industry experts from JLL, Vincom Construction and VinaCapital.



Click here to watch the panel discussion if you missed it.